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I grew up in New York City and still live there with my family.

I started making up stories before I was old enough to write them down. I still have one that I dictated to my mother. It’s basically Star Wars but takes place on a planet called Denkofa.  Eventually, I came up with more original material. My debut middle grade novel The Doughnut Fix, coming out from Sourcebooks on April 4, 2018, is not at all like Star Wars, but there are doughnuts.

In high school, I fell in love with the French language (and French pastry!), and when I went to Princeton for college, I majored in comparative literature because it allowed me to study French plus everything else I was interested in, including creative writing.

After college, I taught English in a French public high school for cooking and restaurant service. Then I sold translation rights for a publishing house. This led me to law school, which I loved. One of the many cool things about the U.S. legal system: it’s built on stories!

Eventually, thanks to my family, I found myself back reading and writing stories, ones for kids because those are the ones I’ve always loved best.  

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