NYC School Library System Conference, Here I Come!

How do you know if the kids book you’re writing is working? Well, if you’re me, you ask your kids. Then, if they like it, you ask your kids’ librarian. My kids were lucky enough to have had school librarians helping them find books they loved since they were in kindergarten. School librarians have been a resource for me my whole life and continue to be, and I am so proud that my first live event as an author is at the NYC School Library System’s Conference on November 14! I can’t wait. It’s another first too: my first trip to Citi Field!

Jessie Janowitz
Some Pretty Exciting News!

Annie Berger at Sourcebooks has bought Jessie Janowitz's debut The Doughnut Fix as well as an untitled sequel, pitched as The Lemonade Warmeets Fudge. The story follows 11-year-old Tristan as he's forced to move out of the big city and into a small town, where the only thing that can save him from boredom is the greatest doughnut recipe of all time. Publication is set for spring 2018, with the second book to follow in spring 2019.  (Originally from Publisher's Weekly, Dec 6, 2016)

Jessie Janowitz